Cafec Flower Dripper

Regular price AED72.00
Size: Size 4 Cup
Cafec Flower Dripper - فولت VOLT
Cafec Flower Dripper
Regular price AED72.00


A blooming tulip under the sun

(Color: Hydrangea Blue, Sakura Pink, Chrysanthemum Yellow, Wasabi Green, Magnolia White)

The lovely and colourful porcelain flower petal dripper is an ultimate craft. Each piece is hand-made by Japanese craftsmen using traditional Japanese Arita ware technique. What is compelling is the distribution of petal ribs on the inner wall of the coffee dripper. They allow the coffee powder to expand perfectly and to create space between filter paper and dripper. The pattern of sparse in the upper and dense in the lower also contributes to the effect of variable speed of water flow: when water level reaches 60-70% of the dripper, the flow rate will slow down. It is therefore hailed as a "full of sweetness" filter cup as it does not only influence the fruitiness and acidity, but also fully extracts the sweetness and moderate bitterness, which brews a cup of coffee full of personality.

  • Japanese traditional Arita pottery
  • Cone structure
  • Petal ribs, which control the speed of water flow
  • Best for brewing bittersweet coffee
  • Handle comfortable and easy to grip
  • Suitable for ABACA, V-shaped filter paper


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