Barista Space Tamping Station 51/52/53/54mm
Barista Space Tamping Station 51/52/53/54mm
Barista Space

Barista Space Tamping Station 51/52/53/54mm

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  • For  51/52/53/54mm portafilter
  • For optimising the tamping pressure
  • Ensures optimum espresso extraction
  • The rubber ring ensures the filter holder sits gently and doesn’t slide around during tamping
  • Not dishwasher-safe
  • The tamping stand is an alternative to those who want all the components in 1 tidy package.
The practical tamping station helps to optimize the tamping pressure providing an even better extraction of your coffee.
  • They keep the portafilter steady for tamping and keep the spouts from ever touching the table top,
which in turn keeps coffee grounds from ever touching the spouts and from accidently ending up in the cup.
The stand is especially useful for when using a single spout on your portafilter or when using a bottomless portafilter.

  • The stand consists of a heavy duty cast alloy with a large rubber ring on bottom.
  • The portafilter’s bayonets rest on the rim while the cutout cradles the portafilter’s neck handle with ease.
Tamping cradles are still few and far between, but coming of age, and this one looks a serious deal. 
A great gift for the espresso nerd who already has everything (almost).