Mileseey DT10 Laser Tape Measure

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Mileseey DT10 Laser Tape Measure - 2-in-1 , 40m Laser Rangefinder Steel Tape Measure Digital Distance Meter Infrared Range Finder Ruler LCD Digital Display from Xiaomi Youpin

Normal laser range finder is used to measure distance and can't make scale marking, but this product can solve this problem to make marking simple.
Comes with a professional tape measure of 19mm width and 5 meters length. And the error is less than or equal to 1.5mm, meeting the European MID secondary standard.
Micro-motion locking design: The tape is automatically locked after being pulled out. Press the unlock button and the tape will rebound, avoiding scratching the finger.
Magnetic ruler hook design: Can be adsorbed on metal materials to measure length. Adsorption force reaches up to 1.5 kg.
Ruler hook compensation design: Measurement method 1: Take the inside of the ruler hook as the base point of 0 scale; Measurement method 2: Take the outside of the ruler hook as the base point of 0 scale.