Watchmen Low Power Solar 4G IP Smart Camera

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This product is an outdoor surveillance camera without a power connection, no wiring needed, simple and ready-to-use installation. You just need to fix it to a perfect location you want. Insert a valid 4G sim with DATA package on it and get real-time live streaming on your smartphone plus two-way audio function i.e the ability to talk and listen to what’s happening in your surroundings even when you’re miles away from home.


Main Features:

· This product is an AI (artificial intelligence) outdoor solar security camera without power connection, no wiring, simple installation and ready-to-use installation.

· No electricity connection: powered by solar&built-in battery; no wiring: no drilling, no decoration damage; supported 4G network surveillance, can be monitored without network, can be remote control at anywhere and anytime; human motion detected, filming active.

· Privacy protection: local storage, no leakage.

· Induction street lamp: human motion detected(HMD), lamps auto-activation, simple installation.

· Application Scope: Doorstep, Courtyard, Fishpond, Orchard, Farm, Mine, Construction site and all places where it is not convenient to receive electrical wiring.