Xiaomi Jiuxun Tools 60 in 1 Toolkit ToolBox

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60 In 1 Original Xiaomi JIUXUN Portable Multi-function Household Daily Tool Box Set

1. Size: 285*222*77mm
2. Weight: 1.89 kg
3. Hand-held design, easy to carry
4. The box is designed for diamond cutting edge. It implies that the tool is durable, anti-falling and has good shock-proof function.
5. The alloy steel is forged by high temperature quenching, the surface is polished finely and anti-rust treatment is added.
6. Internal configuration: lamb horn hammer, 8-inch movable wrench, multi-purpose connecting rod, 7-10mm socket, 3M tape measure, part box, 5PCS inner hexagon wrench, wire pliers, 10PCS batch head, digital display pen, 3mm screwdriver one-word cross, art knife, electrical rubber cloth