Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems TPMS
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems TPMS
Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems TPMS

Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems TPMS

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Tire pressure monitor is one of the most important safety systems in the car as the system alerts you when there is a decrease or increase in air pressure in one of the tires when it reaches a certain level - and it is known that the more the tire air pressure is controlled, the better for the car in bends, walking and roads, the better for the brakes and For performance and torque, thus saving fuel

The Gulf Cooperation Council’s Authority for Standardization and Metrology (GSO) approved this system from 2018 that all dealerships must have this system in all cars that are less than 3.5 tons. Mostly you will find a sticker on the menu next to the driver’s seat that contains the correct tire pressure ratios, and if your car does not have this system, you can buy this system from different places at a small price.

How to make a tire pressure gauge

These sensors work in tires without any electrical connections to connect as they only work through radio waves. It is worth noting that these sensors send a signal to the device connected to it in order to continuously give a full report on the pressure inside the air in order to provide complete safety for the driver and from With him inside it and.

product specification

Easy installation in any tire shop
Wireless connection between the sensors and the device
Alert the driver when tire pressure is lowered
Knowledge of tire pressure and temperature measurement
The screen of the device is powered by solar energy
Rechargeable by cable
Air pressure measurement in PSI and Bar
Resistant to harsh, high-temperature conditions
One year warranty