V60 Filter Holder Storage Container
V60 Filter Holder Storage Container
Barista Space

V60 Filter Holder Storage Container

سعر عادي AED80.00
شامل الضريبة ​
  • Storage Stand with Dustproof Cover - Closed placement, dust-proof and moisture-proof, Keeps Filters organized and clean, Well made and sturdy.
  • Filter Box Capacity - it can fit at least 100 filter papers. Cone paper and fan-shaped filter paper are both can fit.
  • Dustproof Filter Cartons Material - Acrylic dust cover, solid wood box body, beautiful appearance, ease to look at the paper of filter quantity. (wood)
  • Applicable Place - Smooth and beautiful appearance. Commercial (Coffee shops, beverage shops, supermarkets, beverage shops, stalls, milk tea shops). Domestic( home kitchen, restaurant. dining table).
  • Flexible Rotary Axis - Take into account practicality, Ease to use, Standing design, easy to put and take the paper filters.